OUR PUPPIES ARE FED PREMIUM PUPPY FOOD.TO ENSURE GREAT DEVELOPMENT FOR THEIR MIND,BODY,AND COATS.THEY ARE WORMED AT 2,4,6,8 WEEKS OF AGE.THEY ARE GIVEN VACCINATIONS AT 7 WEEKS.EVERY LITTER IS TAKEN TO THE VET TO ENSURE THAT THEY ARE HEALTHY AND READY FOR THEIR NEW HOMES(WITH DOCUMENTATION).WE STRIVE TO MAKE SURE OUR PUPPIES  ARE THE HEALTHIEST THEY CAN BE.WE DO NOT LET OUR PUPPIES GO UNTIL THEY ARE 8 WEEKS OLD.BUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESERVE A PUPPY BEFORE THEY ARE 8 WEEKS WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO TAKE A DEPOSIT.DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE BUT CAN BE MOVED TO ANOTHER LITTER BUT ONLY FOR A YEAR. WE DO REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT TO VIEW OUR PUPPIES.WE CAN ALSO HELP WITH DELIVERY IF NEEDED.I AM ASKING $900.00  FOR MY BABIES.We reserve the right to have first pick on ll my litters. All our puppies are sold with limited reg. unless we talk about it before purchase.All  of our puppies come with AKC Papers unless other wise stated.I charge $25.00 a week board on any puppy that has a deposit on it and stays past 9 weeks unless we talk about it when you put the deposit down. And I will put it in writting if we agree on something. Otherwise it will be $25.00 a week.

Sammy and Panzer had 9 puppies on Jan.4, 2018. She has 4 males and 5 females. There are 1 sable,2 black&tan and 2 solid black females. And 1 black & tan and 2solid black and 1 solid blue male. We are now taking deposits.We have on 2 Females. We have 1 solid black and 1 black&tan male. 
Males                                   Females 
1)John(blue)                               1) SOLD
2)Heather(black)                          2)SOLD
3) AVAILABLE                        3)SOLD
4)AVAILABLE                        4)SOLD

Here are pictures from our camera system of all the babies.The date is on the pictures. We will get individual pictures at 3 weeks old.
Sammys 2 solid black males. They are 4 weeks old in this picture and 1 is available .
Sammys blue and black&^tan male. The black&tan is available. They are 4 weeks old.
Sammys 2 solid black females. They are 4 week old.
Sammys solid black female she is available. She is 4 weeks old.
Sammys sable and black&tan female. they are 4 weeks old.
Ela and Bullet had 7 puppies on Jan. 15,2018.She has 3 sable & 1 black&tan females. And 3 black & tan males. There are 3 females  available. Now taking deposits.

Males                         Females 
1) Michael                       1) LIZ(black&tan) 
2)sold                           2)AVAILABLE 
3)AVAILABLE                     3)AVAILABLE 
Here is Ela and her babies less than a day old.
Elas puppies are a week old here.
Here are 2 of Elas sable girls at 2 1/2 weeks old.There are 3 sable girls available.
Here are Elas babies at 2 1/2 weeks old. We still have 3 sable girls available.